Traffic Quality and Ad Quality Control

We are committed to delivering a clean marketplace environment

Our Anti-Fraud Technology and Team

Our Anti-Fraud technologies include pre-bid ad request filtering algorithms, Proxy and VPN IP blocking database, bundle id blacklist, click behavior analysis algorithm and other solutions which are designed to detect and block non-human traffic. With these technologies, we are in action to proactively identify and limit IVT traffic.
1.Fraudulent users and bots generating ad calls
2.Device spoofing
3.Location Spoofing
4.App Spoofing
1.Unnormal ad requesting frequency
2.Too high or too low click through rate
3.Mismatching Bundle Id and User Agents in ad requests and impressions
4.Other fraudulent user behaviors

3rd Party Traffic and Ad Quality control

We understand the need for independent 3rd party measurement. We are partnering with major MRC-accredited traffic verification vendors and ad verification vendors to integrate their solutions into our platforms. We work closely with our verification partners to proactively monitor inventory and ad quality.

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